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What is Projekt Hedemora?

This blog post is at some extent based on the introduction in Swedish to my Digikult talk about QRpedia in Hedemora, Dalarna/Dalecarlia as a tool for tourism, integration and local pride, but also on previous thoughts I’ve told in the blog or elsewhere. Projekt Hedemora (I’ve chosen to keep the Swedish spelling) is an effort […]

Teach yourself and others about Hedemora with Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Detta blogginlägg finns även på svenska. This is the text I [Calle Eklund] presented in a pamphlet at the International Café in church hall Vasagården (in church Vasakyrkan), Hedemora, Sweden, August 29 2013. In the pamphlet was also a photo of Hedemora railroad station by Arild Vågen, licensed under cc-by-sa 3.0, a QR code to […]