Teach yourself and others about Hedemora with Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is the text I [Calle Eklund] presented in a pamphlet at the International Café in church hall Vasagården (in church Vasakyrkan), Hedemora, Sweden, August 29 2013. In the pamphlet was also a photo of Hedemora railroad station by Arild Vågen, licensed under cc-by-sa 3.0, a QR code to Vasakyrkan and a picture of myself. In this version I’ve adjusted my phone number and email adress for web publishing.


Hi! I’m so glad you are reading this! I have some thoughts about Hedemora, I’d be happy to share with you.

Hedemora and its surroundings has lots of interesting places to visit – but how do you get people to discover them?

I’d like to tell you a little about Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Wikipedia is free to use and everyone – even you – can add information. Anyone can add or remove text, which –piece by piece– is making the encyclopedia grow.

Wikipedia has nearly 300 language versions. Wouldn’t it be great to read about Vasakyrkan in Spanish, Hedemora’s famous theater ”Teaterladan” in Russian, or the famous architect of Hedemora, Lars Israel Wahlman, in Somali?

At Hedemora public library there are books about Hedemora that anyone can lend for free. Then you can use these, by yourself or with assistance, write as much (or little) as you wish about whatever interest you.

A proposal has been submitted about putting QR codes at different places in Hedemora. Such codes can be scanned with a smartphone, with Internet connection, and make it possible to right on the spot can read about the place on Wikipedia. If there is a Wikipedia article in your phone’s language you’re automatic directed to that page.

I believe this could be the future: When people born in the area, have moved here or are here as tourists easily can access the information they want about a location.

At September 7 I will be available in Hedemora Municipality office “Tjädern” between 10.00 and 16.00 to show how it works. At 18.00 the same evening will I be at Hedemora’s main square “Stora torget” and show how the QR codes work by arranging a tour around the square. The QR codes will be available during the whole evening, if you’d rather like to try it yourself.

If you read this after those events, don’t hesitate to contact me, or halt me to talk if you meet me somewhere. I hope to see you soon, or recieve a phone call or an email from you!

Calle Eklund

Phone: O73–O64 24 98
Email: callee[-at-]mail.nu

Learn more on Wikipedia: http://www.wikipedia.org
In English: http://en.wikipedia.org
In Swedish: http://sv.wikipedia.org

If you understand Swedish, please have a look at “Projekt Hedemora”, a project where we help each other improve the information about Hedemora on Wikipedia:    http://korta.nu/wikihedemora


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